Saturday, January 26, 2008

Doug's Big Oscar Quiz - Part 2

6. Who has the most nominations for screenwriting?
a. Billy Wilder
b. Christopher Hampton
c. Woody Allen
d. Nora Ephron

7. Who is the first performer to win an Oscar, Emmy, Tony, and Grammy?
a. Liza Minelli
b. Barbara Streisand
c. Judy Garland
d. Rita Moreno

8. Which is the only major Hollywood studio that has never won Best Picture?
a. Paramount
b. Disney
c. Columbia
d. United Artists

9. Who was the first actor to refuse an Academy Award?
a. George C. Scott
b. Dalton Trumbo
c. Marlon Brando
d. William Holden

10. What movie won the most Oscars without winning Best Picture?
a. The Color Purple
b. Cabaret
c. A Passage to India
d. Saving Private Ryan

Answers will be posted soon!

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