Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Got My New Music!

There are three very exciting parts of the publication process: receiving word from my editor about which pieces they decided to take for next year, hearing the recordings by the Alfred Studio Orchestra for the first time, and receiving complimentary copies of the finished music.

Yesterday, I received my music! This year's two new pieces are A Breeze In the Keys and Sleigh Ride to New Haven. Alfred used to send me two copies of each new piece, but they recently upped it to three. I've seen the music before, when they sent me proofs last autumn, but the copies I got yesterday are on the good paper with the cardstock binder. Before, it was hypothetical, now it's official.

It's been ten years since my first publication, but I still get excited over these little things and I'm always grateful and surprised when they decide to publish even more of the stuff I write. I sent a packet of new music to California two weeks ago, thus beginning the annual cycle of nail-biting anxiety and it won't end until July or August. Getting the shipment yesterday provided a nice break.

Getting the finished music means that music stores have started receiving the finished music too, so check your local retailer or online supplier. Also, it won't be long before the recordings are made available on Both are really good this year, but I'm especially happy with the recording of A Breeze In the Keys.

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