Thursday, May 29, 2008

The New Piece Progresses

The new piece starts with 'cellos, basses, and violas drumming, Violins I playing a melody, and Violins II handling harmony. After that, everyone switches around - Violas and 'basses get melody, 'cellos handle the harmony line, and the violins drum. The tricky part is the transition between and working it out so the rhythm flows without a gap. I have to leave space for musicians to pick up or put down bows, and I think I worked out a reasonable solution.

I like to write for a few hours, and work out what I can, but an important part of my process is to walk away for a while and take short breaks. They allow me to work out ideas and then come back with a fresh perspective. When I come back, I'll ususaly make changes to what I've just done and move on from there.

I only have one theme, but in one of these breaks, I've worked out the form of this new piece. I think it will be a rondo (one of my favorite forms) with this theme alternating with a call-and-response section and a C Theme that consists entirely of drumming and pizzicato.

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