Monday, June 2, 2008

New Piece Taking Shape

I got quite a bit done on the new piece this weekend. I worked out a 16-measure "C" section of the rondo where the whole orchestra gets to drum and pizzicato. It's set up as a two-measure pattern starting in the 'cellos and basses. After four measures, the violas join in. Two more measures later the violins II enter, and two measures after that, the violins I play high pizzicato notes over the whole thing. The last four measures build the intensity and lead harmonically toward a recap of the main theme. Limiting the rhythms in each part to repeated two-measure phrases should make it a little easier to play.

I actually wrote this section backwards - I started with the most complex layering of rhythms and then added measures before it, judiciously taking away parts.

The recap features the 'cellos bowing an extra harmonic line under the violins. Today, I need to iron out a few transitions, come up with a suitably flashy ending, and start the editing process. More on that later!

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