Monday, June 30, 2008

Tuba Conference

This past weekend I attended the International Tuba/Euphonium Association conference. The organization meets every two years and this year, it just happened to be held at my alma mater, the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. I drove down, went inside, and promptly got lost. After I graduated they felt the need to tear everything down and re-build, so the only things that are at all familiar are the auditorium and the theater. The old building was a labyrinth, so you'd think they would take the opportunity to build some order and sense into the new design, but no. After stumbling around for a long while wondering where everyone was, I got directions to a different building.

I arrived just in time to hear the last few pieces of a concert conducted by my friend (and pseudo-relative) T.J. Ricer. I met up with T.J. after his show and he introduced me to a lot of people, many of whom have heard and enjoyed the Sonatina I wrote for T.J. a few years back. I also met the guy from Tuba-Euphonium Press, who published the piece and got to autograph a copy after one of T.J.'s friends bought it.

T.J. is currently working on the concerto I wrote for him and I'm excited to hear how it sounds (apparently I got carried away and wrote it as if for a clarinet. Who knew Tubas aren't accustomed to lots of quick multi-octave leaps?).

So Saturday was a good time and I made a lot of good contacts. Hopefully, it will lead to more sales and exposure!

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