Monday, August 11, 2008

New Music Selected!

I got word from my editor this past weekend and Alfred is going to publish three of my new pieces in the 2009-2010 catalog!

I can't tell you how relieved I am.

First, they selected "Porcupine Pantomime," a beginner-level bossa nova that lets students practice that often-tricky shift from "bow-hand" to "pizzicato hand" and back. Frequently. The effect is that the young musicians get their "quills" in the air, hence the title. There's also an optional set drum part for this one. Even more vindication: I was assured by a colleague that this piece would never get published.

Next, you can look forward to "Quicksilver," an intermediate-to-advanced piece in 9/8 time. It flies along at a rapid pace in a major key and I think that it will be super-popular.

The third selection is "A Hero's Welcome," unusual in that it has a slower tempo, but there is constant, flowing motion, so students can keep interest. It features some shifting and, more importantly, a chance to really emote and bring some higher-level musicianship to the fore. This piece was premiered by the Hersher High School Orchestra when I visited them in February and they did a superb job with it.

I think the folks at Alfred did a great job, selecting a diverse array of styles and levels from my catalog this year. I had a few pieces that I may want to re-submit at some point, but I'm happy and excited with these three. The next step in the process is getting the proofs and contract addendums for these new selections and that usually happens around October.

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