Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Working With Fragments

I started working on a new piece recently - a minor key piece in 6/8 time. I got a nice tune going and am happy with the accompaniment, but I realized that it felt more like a "B" theme than a "Main" theme for the new piece. Normally I'll write a strong main melody and them come up with something to go with it, that provides contrast or that compliments the rhythms and motifs of the main theme.In this case, I'm starting with the B theme and have to come up with something even stronger to use as a main melody. It's unusual for my process, but maybe it will produce some unique results.

Another part of my process is to take breaks from writing. I like to walk away for a while and return to get a fresh perspective. During a break last night I had a flash of inspiration about a completely different piece of music. I went straight back to my computer, opened a new file, and began working on the new piece, which I'm very excited about.

So now I have fragments of two different pieces to work on. Normally I like to finish one piece before starting another, but who am I to turn down inspiration? In anticipation of your question: no, I can't combine them into one piece. They're in completely different styles, time signatures, and keys and are for two vastly different ability groups. I'd rather get two different pieces out of them than try to wedge them together.

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