Sunday, December 28, 2008

One More For The Year

Oh, my but it's been an eventful year! I finished my opera, got three pieces into next year's Alfred catalog, expanded this blog, renovated my website, had some great premieres and good feedback on my Tuba Concerto, and completed thirteen new pieces of music to submit in upcoming years.

I finished number thirteen just this weekend. I took a fragment that I had started ages ago and finally completed it. It was originally intended for a commission, but after coming up with an ostinato and a main melody, I realized it wasn't what they wanted. So I came back to it and expanded it into something quite nice. It's a Grade 3 piece with lots of shifting - in fact, it's possible to play all the melodies in third position. The scherzo style should be very appealing, but my old problem persists - it remains untitled as of yet.

This is my last post of the year and I'll be converting this blog back to "Oscarwatch 2008," so happy New Year, all - be safe and have a great time!

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