Friday, January 23, 2009

Best Supporting Actress

"Two-time Oscar-winner Marissa Tomei."

That has a nice ring to it.

Yes, I'm picking Marisa Tomei to win another Oscar for Supporting Actress - and she'll win for the same reasons that earned her her first statuette. In the Supporting Actress category, I always look for the lead actress with supporting screen time. She was nearly the only woman on screen in My Cousin Vinny, technically making her the lead actress. Same goes for Jennifer Connelly in A Beautiful Mind and Kim Bassinger in L.A. Confidential, just to name a few.

This year, Amy Adams was overshadowed by Meryl Streep in Doubt and Viola Davis only had the one scene in that same movie. Taraji P. Henson is second in Benjamin Button to Cate Blanchett and Penelope Cruz is dynamic, but shares the screen with a whole cast of women. Marissa Tomei, on the other hand, is the female lead in The Wrestler. Her performance may not have the same intensity as Davis's or Henson's, but she shows a raw, gritty vulnerability. If Kate Winslet had been nominated here instead of Lead Actress, I would have picked her, but it's all to Tomei's advantage. Hopefully this will quiet those who felt her first Oscar was a mistake.

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