Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Recordings!

I'm working on the rest of my Classical Top 10, but it will have to wait, because I got my recordings from Alfred Publishing yesterday!

As much as hearing what music they've accepted for their next catalog and actually getting the finished, printed score in my hands, hearing recordings of a professional group playing something I wrote is a magical experience. They did a great job this year. Porcupine Pantomime turned out well - sometimes the pizzicato parts tend to be too quiet, but they achieved a good balance. Quicksilver was done at a good, even tempo with an appropriately rhythmic style. The best, though, is A Hero's Welcome. I got chills when I first heard it and I wrote the thing. The musicians really dug deep to give it emotional heft, leaning into every suspension and bringing out every dynamic change. I'm very impressed.

My only problem with Alfred's recordings is that they're done by a chamber group of about 10 musicians. This works fine for A Hero's Welcome and Porcupine Pantomime, but some pieces, like Quicksilver, would sound better if played by a larger group.

The recordings should be available in a few weeks at - just do a search for "Spata" to find all my recordings.

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