Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Recordings Available

Alfred Publishing has posted this year's new recordings! You can now go to www.alfred-music.com, do a search by year or by my name, and download full recordings of my latest published works. They're only $.99 each to download or you can listen for free online by clicking "Flash."

The three new ones are A Hero's Welcome, Porcupine Pantomime, and Quicksilver. I see that someone was nice enough to have already downloaded A Hero's Welcome. Thank you!

Friday, May 22, 2009

1st Rejection Of The Year

Kjos Music Publishing wins the prize for sending me my first rejection letter of the year. Actually, it's not a rejection, they just sent my submissions back and let me know that their publishing schedule aligns with the calendar year and that if I want to be considered, I should send music around December.

That leaves Alfred and FJH, and I hope to hear from them in the next few months. I once sent to Carl Fisher, but it took them over a year to turn me down, so I don't bother there anymore.

With all the music for the year sent off, I'm ready to think about writing next year's submissions. I've looked at what I have and have determined what I need: It seems that I have an abundance of intermediate-level music and two good advanced-level pieces, so I'll focus on music for the beginners for a while. A few more advanced pieces and some "novelty" pieces will fill things out nicely. Also, since only about 25% to 30% of everything I write gets published, I'll have quite a few pieces ready for re-submission next year.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Music Sent

Last Thursday I took my trip to the post office and dropped off three packets of music - nine new pieces to Alfred and five older, unpublished works to FJH and Kjos. Now it's a waiting game. Alfred usually contacts me around July or August (the best birthday gift, eleven years running) and the others normally send me rejection letters around September. I send stuff to Alfred every year and they get first pick at my newest works, but I'll sent to the others only every two to three years. They always tell me that they have enough submissions and that they publish from their inner circle, but I'm always hopeful that there's an opening at some point or that I've come up with something that they just can't pass up. At any rate, I'll be spending the next three months with my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Music Update

I have a few things to report:

First, my new recordings are now available at www.alfred-music.com. Do a search for "Spata" or go directly to the new ones: A Hero's Welcome, Porcupine Pantomime, and Quicksilver. The orchestra did a great job with all of them, but (as I wote earlier) A Hero's Welcome is the standout.

Second, my Concerto for Orchestra and Tuba is getting its world premiere tonight! Acclaimed tubist T. J. Ricer will perform it as part of his PhD. recital tonight in Rochester, NY. He'll also be performing my Sonata for Piano and Tuba and four of my pieces for string orchestra, which I arranged for tuba duet. Break a leg, T.J.!