Friday, May 22, 2009

1st Rejection Of The Year

Kjos Music Publishing wins the prize for sending me my first rejection letter of the year. Actually, it's not a rejection, they just sent my submissions back and let me know that their publishing schedule aligns with the calendar year and that if I want to be considered, I should send music around December.

That leaves Alfred and FJH, and I hope to hear from them in the next few months. I once sent to Carl Fisher, but it took them over a year to turn me down, so I don't bother there anymore.

With all the music for the year sent off, I'm ready to think about writing next year's submissions. I've looked at what I have and have determined what I need: It seems that I have an abundance of intermediate-level music and two good advanced-level pieces, so I'll focus on music for the beginners for a while. A few more advanced pieces and some "novelty" pieces will fill things out nicely. Also, since only about 25% to 30% of everything I write gets published, I'll have quite a few pieces ready for re-submission next year.

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