Thursday, June 25, 2009

Got My Music!

A shiny brown box from Alfred Publishing arrived on my doorstep yesterday: my "complimentary composer's copies" came! This is one of the exciting milestones in the publication process - after the writing, submitting, proofing, and recording, Alfred sends me a few copies of the printed music, all crisp and beautiful in its finely-finished glory. Thus ends the cycle that began two years ago when the ideas first sprang from my head onto a computer screen.

It's music - a performance art - so it really comes alive when it's being performed for an audience, but there's something uniquely gratifying about having the physical printed page in my hand. Plus, because they're in my hands, they're most likely in the hands of retailers. Even more gratifying than holding my music is seeing it on a store shelf.

The cycles overlap, of course, and I'm not only waiting to hear about Alfred's 2010 catalog, but I'm currently writing new music for consideration in the 2011 catalog.

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