Friday, June 5, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

Last summer, I wrote about my Olympic dream - to have a gymnast, skater, or synchronized swim team choose one of my pieces for their routine at the Olympics. Now that the summer TV season has started, I'll share my other dream - to have my music played on So You Think You Can Dance.

I love watching the first few weeks of this show, where the good and the diluted mingle in crowded hallways and take turns showing off for the judges. It's a panoply of dance styles, ability levels, and egos, and makes for some mesmerizing television. Most of the hopefuls choose their own music for this part of the show and I would just be thrilled and honored if someone were to choose one of my pieces for their audition. I think any of my Latin dances (Mambo Incognito, Las Mariposas Exoticas, Violet's Tango) would be appropriate for ballroom styles. Perhaps some of my more dramatic works (Gauntlet, Westward Motion, Agincourt) would work for modern dance styles and ballet.

This year's auditions are done and they usually use well-known songs for the voting segment of the show, but if you're thinking of auditioning for next season, please consider using one of my compositions - they're all available online at

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