Friday, July 31, 2009

I Take Requests

As I continue to write for school orchestras, my goal is not only to create interesting music that will keep the attention of young musicians, but also to reinforce lessons and teach important skills. For example: "Gauntlet" is an etude for low 1st finger notes; "Elementals" drills extended finger patterns; "Crusader" gets students familiar with a variety of 16th note rhythms; "Porcupine Pantomime" lets beginners practice rapid switches from bowing to pizzicato. In fact, every piece I've had published is an etude for some aspect of string-playing technique and my publishers and the teachers who buy these pieces have told me that they appreciate my efforts.

So with that in mind, I'll ask: what techniques would you like to see reinforced in a concert piece? Some fingering, bowing, or technical challenge, maybe? A tricky rhythm or position change? Maybe you'd like to see a specific style of music represented in the school orchestra literature? Some concept that you or your students need to practice?

If so, I'm always looking for ideas and inspiration, so let me know. Thanks!

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