Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Doug's Big Oscar Quiz - Part 1

Guess what, everyone!  Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Tom Sherak made an appearance in Los Angeles early yesterday morning and saw his shadow.  You know what that means - five weeks of Oscar season!

It's going to be a great year for Oscar!  We have the second-ever Best Picture nomination for an animated film (Up), the fourth woman ever nominated for Best Director (Kathryn Bigelow), plus, she's up against her ex-husband, James Cameron (a first at the awards).  Ten Best Picture nominees and a good showing for sci-fi and action movies should make things especially exciting.

I have some catching up to do, but I thought I'd start things off with an Oscar Quiz.  Answers will be posted later in the week.

Match the Best-Picture winning film with its poster tagline:

1. What does it take to find a lost love? A. Money B. Luck C. Smarts D. Destiny

2. Two great lovers of the screen in the grandest of romantic comedies!

3. They will sacrifice anything to achieve their goals...Except their honor.

4. The eye of the enemy is moving.

5. Beyond his silence, there is a past. Beyond her dreams, there is a feeling. Beyond hope, there is a memory. Beyond their journey, there is a love.

a. Chariots of Fire
b. Million Dollar Baby
c. Slumdog Millionaire
d. It Happened One Night
e. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

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