Monday, December 13, 2010

Online Concert

I thought I'd program a short online concert of some of my more popular selections today. 

Up first is the Cleveland School of Arts Orchestra performing Gauntlet.  They do a lot of tuning and warming up (and it certainly pays off), but if you're interested in getting to the good stuff, skip ahead to the 1:45 mark.

 Nice job! I especially like what they did with the "hard part" (mm. 56 - 80).

Up next is the Shaw Middle School Orchestra performing Zydeco Two-Step:

Excellent!  The keyboard player did a great job.

Our final group is the Traverse City Symphony Strings - a civic orchestra - performing the heck out of Agincourt.

"Out of This World" is certainly an apt description of this group!  They're a small ensemble, but they play with all the ferocity and musicianship of a group three times their size.  I was also blown away by the production of this video - the multiple angles and great editing do the ensemble justice.  Here's my favorite shot:

"Energy" at the end! A well-marked part is a joy for a composer to see. 

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