Monday, February 14, 2011

Best Actor

This year's Best Actor nominees are Javier Bardem (Biutiful), Jeff Bridges (True Grit), Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), Colin Firth (The King's Speech), and James Franco (127 Hours).

I think it's pretty cool that for the first time ever, an Oscar host is also up for an award - and one as big as Lead Actor.  It's also cool that Jeff Bridges could be the third person in Oscar history to win back-to-back Best Actor trophies. 

In the end, though, I think Colin Firth will take home the prize. His character deals with a debilitating physical impediment in an inspirational period film - pure Oscar bait.  Bardem's film is gaining momentum but it's extra-super depressing. Firth's real competition comes from Bridges, who eliminates all vestiges of "The Dude" in his gruff performance as Rooster Cogburn.

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