Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Saga of the Broken Arm: One Year Later

Today is one year since the bike accident where I shattered my right shoulder, so I thought it would be a good time to give another update on my condition.

Things are going well!  I finished physical therapy back in October. Actually, that's not true. My insurance stopped paying for physical therapy in September and I kept paying on my own through October, then I continued my exercises at the local rec center, which is way cheaper.  So I never technically "graduated" from physical therapy, but I haven't stopped my exercises. I take time to stretch it out twice a day and when I go to the rec center to run, I also use their weights and machines for my shoulder.

I can now reach over my head, behind my back, and lift over ten pounds without a problem. I can pick up my three-year-old and nearly-one-year-old nieces, lug a bag of groceries, and sleep in a bed (though a pillow propping up my right arm still helps). The right arm still isn't as good as the left, but I'd guess that I now have 95% mobility.

After the accident, I went from regular activity and exercise to zero movement so, as you can imagine, I gained quite a bit of weight. As my mobility has improved and the pain has died down, I've been able to get back to a regular exercise routine and lose the weight again.

I was off Percoset pretty quickly and moved over to plain Advil, but by Thanksgiving, I didn't need that anymore either.  I can drive a car, get dressed, run, and do yoga (I'm back to twice a week).  I haven't tried swimming yet, but I have conducted a few concerts in the past year and, though I was exhausted and achy by the end, they all went well.

One thing I haven't tried and probably won't again: get back on a bike.

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