Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Music Selected: Beale Street Strut

I recently heard from my editor and I'm thrilled to announce that Alfred Publishing will release three of my new pieces in their 2012-2013 String Orchestra catalog!  They're ahead of schedule this year, as I usually hear from them in late July or early August. 

The first new piece to look forward to is Beale Street Strut, a major-key, intermediate-level piece.  For those of you outside the United States (which, I understand to my delight, is a growing number), Beale Street is a stretch of road in the city of Memphis, Tennessee, famous for having a lot of jazz and blues clubs and it is considered the epicenter of Southern jazz. 

As you might expect, the piece has a jazzy style and features some "blue" notes. Specifically, F-F# and C-C# chromatics.  The basses and 'cellos get to play some classic bass lines as well as some broad-shouldered melodies. As usual, there's lots for the violas to do as well.

I think this is one that students will be humming in the hallways of their schools and that audiences will remember after the curtain goes down.

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Anonymous said...

I'm Playing this piece at my school!!!